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This takes a bit of tweaking and work to get this to work, but it is very worth it. The game's performance improvement when played on XP compared to Vista is a great deal (depending on your system). Take the time to follow these instructions to get it to work. Good Luck!

Download (halo_2_xp.rar)

Download (halo_2.rar)

Created by Sared2181

You will need your copy of HALO 2 on DVD. You don't need Vista at all to get this working.

You will need these files (Download and UnZip)



STEP 1. We will be using the halo_2_xp.rar file, to install the game. If you have Halo 2 installed already on a paralell operating system you will need to install it in XP anyway.

You need to extract the halo_2_xp.rar file to a known location. You must use the root of your hard drive. Here we are using "C:\" drive.

You will now need to extact the LOADER.RAR (Found inside the halo_2_xp.rar file) to your C:\ directory.

You should now have 2 new folders on your C:\ Drive.



STEP 2. Now insert the HALO 2 DVD into your DVD Drive. You will get an error if the Disc Autoruns. Click OK.

Now you will need the halo_2.bat file you downloaded earlier (in the halo_2.rar file). Put this file on your desktop (for easy access).

If your DVD Drive's letter is anything other than "D:\" Then you will need to edit the batch file to incorporate this difference.

If your DVD Drive letter IS "D:\" then skip Step 3 and go on to Step 4.

STEP 3. Right-click on the batch file and select "edit". go to the line that says as following:

CALL C:\Loader\Loader.exe "D:\Startup.exe"

Change the "D:" of "D:\Startup.exe" to the letter assigned to your DVD Drive.

Save the Batch file and exit.

STEP 4. Make sure the DVD is still in the drive, and run the batch file. It may take a while to load but be patient. You will get a Message in a DOS Window saying "Press any key to continue" This is normal.

The Autorun menu for Halo 2 Will now appear. Select Custom installation and select "Install and do not play" or something similar.

The game will now install. Once it has completed we reccomend that you restart your computer.

Step 5. !!VERY IMPORTANT!! Copy the mf.dll file from your "C:\halo_2_xp\" folder into the installed game directory.

Now copy the mf.dll file from your "C:\LOADER\" folder to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\" this will "activate" the game.

BE CAREFUL the game will not work past the first chapter if you copy the mf.dll files to the wrong locations. There are 2 different mf.dll files to copy.

Step 6. Now copy the dwmapi.dll and MFPlat.dll files from the "C:\LOADER\" directory to the game's installed directory.

You need to use the same batch file you copied to your desktop to launch the Autorun menu in order to run the game. You need the the DVD inserted each time you play. You cannot mount the image file as any virtual CD/DVD managers will not be able to mount the image.

Do not delete any of the files you copied and unpacked to your "C:\" drive.


When you attempt to load the level GRAVEMIND (Chapter 11) the game will stop and ask you to insert the original Halo 2 DVD.

DON'T PANIC - What you'll need is in the "C:\halo_2_xp\" directory. it's a file called "Procmon.exe" this is a program monitor for winsows. don't open it yet.

Launch halo 2 normally using the batch file, go to the main menu, now minimize the game either alt-tabbing, windows key or ctrl-alt-del, open Procmon.exe, wait for the list to fill then go back into Halo 2.

Do not resume campaign instead go into the level select menu and start on the gravemind chapter. it will take ages to load, don't reset the map WILL load eventually. after the map has loaded walk around a bit, pause the game and minimize it again.

Now close Procmon.exe and re-enter halo 2. you will not have to do this with any other chapter only when you try to load a game that is on this chapter. to avoid having to do this again, advance to the next chapter before closing the game.

For help and support message

Written be Agent Smith *AK* and Sared2181.

Batch file by Sared2181.

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